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What to do with Christmas Leftovers

The festive season has finally come and gone.  Families returning back to their home towns, people unwinding from a very busy year gone by.  Many started to prep, for Christmas, months and months in advance, meticulously creating and re-imagining family traditions, and in an instant it has gone by.  As I'm writing this, my stomach is still filled with festive food and joy from family gatherings in the past few days.

Most of us cook a meal fit for an army, and we are often left with "leftover" (bits and pieces) food after all the festivities.  The question that is often presented to everyone is:  What can I do with all my leftover food?  One could probably reheat and revisit the holiday cheer as a Christmas 2.0 meal... but, keep life interesting and create something new, fresh and deliciously mouth watering.

Re-creating Food Luckily most of the cooking has been done, and eaten by now (if you are reading this post), and you probably stored all your leftovers in the fridge.  …

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