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Delicious Pumpkin Hummus: Farm to Table Part 2

Part 2 Farm to Table - The concept of serving meals, where the ingredients are locally sourced from farms. Everything on the table is from the ground and surrounding farmers.

Growing your own vegetables and herbs is a rewarding exercise,  and the quality is reflected in the love and care you invest into your garden.  We are in the fortunate position to receive most of our produce from the family farm up north.  This enables us to do so much more with our food.  It's also much fresher than store bought and 100% organic.
Supporting local farmers and markets creates sustainability in a community.  This gives a town a fair chance to grow and thrive.   Oooh... Spooky !Pumpkin season is upon us, and so is Halloween.  Nearly every house is decorated with everything & anything, while Jack-o-lanterns are smiling at little kids and families out Trick or Treating.  Here in South Africa, we do not really celebrate Halloween and slowly but surely it's creeping into our lives.  Markets are …

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