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A Slice of Heaven (Part 2) - Beer Bread & Buns

For Part 2 in this  series   I decided to indulge into two other favorite bread recipes, that's is not just dynamic, but delicious and wholesome.  Beer bread and Buns.  In recent times it has been difficult to bake beer bread, and I don’t like to mention Covid 19 (hold my beer), but we were unable to purchase any alcohol as the government imposed an alcohol ban in our country.  This in turn inhibited me to bake or create anything that contained alcohol, especially our family favorite - beer bread.   Banned? The ban was lifted then imposed then lifted, then imposed again,  so when we had the chance to buy any beer (and there weren’t many - I am an Essential Worker), we had to jump to the opportunity. This meant that standing in a long queue with short frustrations was the new normal.   A slice of  Heaven Alas! I was able to get the ingredients for my recipe and then I created a slice of heaven.   That first slice was heaven, topped with melted golden butter delight.  A bliss to the

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