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Nachos Libre

My love for food, as mentioned in " And First, there was Pasta" , sprung from home and I have fond memories when I think of Nachos.  We enjoy date night every so often, and will make turns to cook something for the other one.  One of the earliest date nights, I was treated to succulent, delectable and cheesy Nachos.  The mood was set; candles, soft music and wine.  At first I was not sure what to expect, this dish was foreign to me (no hablar espanol).  I was assured that this is the best thing I will ever taste.

I fell in love with the crunchiness of the "chips" ; the full body flavor of the salsa; gooey strands of cheese and the side order of love, in the form of guacamole.  At times I ask myself what I have done to deserve this much affection and adoration. As an artist, I appreciate the time and diligence beautifully painted on a plate.  Sometimes in life, it's the little things that count and not big fancy gestures.  I could never understand the term: "…

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