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Crispy Chicken Waffles: This one is for all the Weird Kids out there.

I remember for most of my life, I have been the odd one out, not always fitting in wherever I go.  Always picked last for the team, not being chosen as class captain, labeled as the weird, artsy kid that everyone made fun of.  I never really fit in anywhere.  As a child I found out that kids can really be mean.  Where do I go? Who wants to be friends with the weird kid?  Before going to high school, innocence is usually not lost.

This was Tough

High school wasn't any better, everything intensified! Halfway through high school, we moved almost a 1000 kilometers to a city close to the ocean. Guess I had to start all over again, trying to fit in and not to get noticed.  My first day at the new school wasn't any better.  I hate being the new guy. This was tough.

I get home from school, relieved that the day was over. Thankfully I started to develop my artistic skills (by the age of 12, carrying it through to adulthood) and had a place I could escape to.  Other than my artistic skills…

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